Bulk Reporting Tools This one really makes your life easier!

Generate Reports & Returns For All Accounts With A Single Click!

Do you need to create reports such as recaps or truck reports for all of your accounts on a monthly basis? We know you need to generate their IFTA reports every quarter. So why do it one account at a time?

When you use our software, we like to make your life easier by letting you generate recaps, truck reports, quarterly mileage returns and quarterly IFTA returns for one, all or a combination of your accounts with a single click! You'll receive all the reports/returns in a single PDF document or a ZIP file with all documents as individual files! Now you'll just need to figure out what to do with all the extra time!

Oh, we have bulk trip sheets too!

Just incase, we also let you generate trip sheets in bulk as well. You can't do them for all accounts at once (because that could be a really really big file!), but you can select an individual account and download their trip sheets in bulk based on desired trucks and time frames.

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  • Generate Bulk Reports For All Accounts

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