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If you are looking for a program to handle your trip sheets, look no further, you've found the best. Why are our trip sheets the best? Because they are branded to your company, integrate multiple entry modes such as auto mapping w/ PC Miler, manual odometer entry and manual mileage entry. Our trip sheet software also features a user-friendly interface for desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices, making it easy for drivers or in-house data entry employees! Oh, and don't forget about our rapid data entry features and that you can have the trip sheet automatically emailed anywhere you wish!

Multiple Trip Modes

Trip data can be entered through several different methods. The primary, easiest and quickest method is to use our unique auto mapping mode that implements the PC Miler mapping technology. You simply enter your Origin, Destination and any Stops. Once you submit, we'll get the routes traveled, toll and non-toll miles and generate your trip sheet. All you have to do is simply enter your fuel purchases. This method is available with both Practical Truck routing and Shortest routing methods.

The second method available is our manual odometer entry mode. This allows the driver to record and calculate their miles based on actual odometer readings. When using this manual method, we use special checks to help ensure accurate data such as checking for required jurisdictions and positive mileage.

The third method available is our manual mileage entry mode. This mode works exactly like the odometer method, except you enter the miles directly instead of the odometer readings.

Mobile Friendly

Why do data entry manually in the office? You can have your drivers enter their data in real time while on the road with our mobile friendly interface. Before starting a trip, the driver (or office) can enter the trip details. Once the driver stops for fuel or crosses state lines, they simply open the mobile friendly trip sheet, enter their fuel purchase/mileage and save. Once they are finished, they sign and generate the trip sheet!

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